Just Win at Online Poker

The greatest thing about online poker is that you are pitting your skills and experience against others more or less like yourself. Unlike an online casino or bingo hall, there is no computer dealer, and much less is left to chance.

Now, I tend to disagree just a little when my poker fan friends tell me that poker is a game of skill and all other gambling games just depend on dumb luck.

I understand the logic in the argument — after all, there is a lot more skill involved in poker than, say, online slots. And practice and study will almost certainly make you a better poker player, whereas once you learn the basic of slots, you’re as good as you”ll ever get.

But it seems to me that the argument is mostly used to look down on casino players, as if poker players were participating in a sport while slots players just sat on their butts and pushed buttons. Understandably, as a fan of both poker and online casino USA games, I resent that implication.

The truth is that for the vast majority of poker players, whose skills and talents place them squarely in the ‘beginner’ or ‘intermediate’ levels, the cards that are dealt at random make the biggest difference between winning and losing.

Sure, there are a number of real poker pros, who can minimize the damage from a bad deal and even sometimes turn it around and make it work for them. They’ve devoted obscene amounts of time and thought to the game of poker, and some of them were also born with some mental equipment that the rest of us may lack (call it intuition or calculation, or some combination of the two).

Some of us need to put in years, even decades of play to get to those levels — and some will never reach it, no matter how much they try.

So the single best tip I can give about playing online poker? Play a lot. Play as often as your time and wallet can afford, and even do some research and reading (yuck!) to figure out what you might be missing.

No matter how you look at it there is no sure fire way to win all of the time at online poker but the best way to increase your odds as high as they go is to just play smart. You do not have to play every hand. You can sit back & wait for the hands you are likely to win with & play them. Also be sure to find any & all bonus money. If you do not use the sign up & other special bonus money then you are really just leaving money on the table.

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