Just Win at Online Casinos

How do you win at the online casinos? I won’t go so far as to say “it’s easy!”, but it’s probably a lot easier than you might think…

First of all, many online casinos offer what is called a “payout percentage” or possibly a “player return”. This is a list of games or game categories with a percentage shown for each one. This percentage will show you how much of the money that is put in end up going back to the player (on average, of course, over a certain period of time or a certain number of games).

Just a quick look at the categories will tell you which games are more likely to result in a win for the player.

Online slots have the least overall chance of providing a return for the player, but make up for it with great potential when that win happens. Progressive slots provide the biggest wins (we’re talkin’ millions here), but all committed slots fans recognize the higher risk-versus-reward factor (for some, that’s the whole point!).

Video poker, on the other hand, introduces an element of skill into the slots equation; while you can’t control the cards, you can control which ones to keep and which to toss — and perhaps more importantly, which ones are more likely to come up next. Outside of table games, video poker may be your best online casino USA choice for more frequent wins.

Blackjack tends to lead the pack by a long shot. Skilled blackjack players can get to the point where the “house edge” is next to nothing, making it nearly an even contest against the dealer. All you need to do is hone your blackjack strategy!

Keep in mind that multiple decks are in the house’s favor, so a single-deck blackjack game (if you can find one) gives the player the best advantage, while a two-deck game has better player odds than a three-deck game, and so on…

Other table games have varying levels of return, but still tend to be more rewarding on average than ‘pure chance’ games. Any of the “21” games (blackjack variants such as Pontoon, for example) respond well to skill, so you’ll notice that you do better the more that you play.

Casino games like roulette and craps that offer multiple bets have a wide range of odds, from even bets to extreme long shots. For instance, the red/black bet on a roulette game is close to 50/50 odds (technically, the house has a .111 edge due to the extra zero pocket), while betting on any specific number (“straight-up”) is much riskier — as in 37 to 1 odds.

A nice compromise between the two types is Baccarat, which offers a small range of bets (basically “banker”, “player”, or “tie”) with¬†surprisingly¬†little house edge. That’s why it’s such a favorite of high rollers! As with blackjack, casinos will sometimes use multiple decks to increase their odds.

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