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Well, if you’re sharp, you’re going to say something snotty like “how can you play better bingo? It’s all just random chance.”

You couldn’t be more right. The numbers that the bingo caller spits out are 100% out of your control. Picking the numbers is completely under your control, but each number has the same chance of being called. So bingo is fundamentally nothing more than a game of chance, and nothing that I could say would improve your chances.

There’s a big “however”, though…bingo is only one of the games on a bingo site (though obviously it takes center stage), and it comes in two distinct flavors: 75 – ball and 90 – ball bingo.

A broad generalization is that Americans play 75 – ball bingo and Europeans play 90 – ball bingo (that’s only broadly true, but good enough to go with). If you’re unsure of the difference, just remember that 75 – ball bingo is the one with all of the patterns.

Another group of games at the typical online bingo hall is the minigames and chat games. These vary widely in both rewards and the skills necessary to win consistently. Many are the same as you’d find at any given online casino USA, and as such you can expect to find many online slots.

If it’s a quiz, well, you either know the answers or you don’t. Spending more time in the chat will definitely give you a good idea of what sort of games to expect, sometimes even to the point where you can tell by the CM whether a surprise game is more likely or not.

This requires becoming familiar with the chat, which I’m sure you’ll find to be a little daunting at first. Don’t despair, there’s really not that much to it – – it’s more or less the same idea as texting or live chat on a social networking site. There are specific abbreviations and a handful of code words, but any decent bingo site will have a list of those… and there is plenty of leeway given to the n00bz who are learning the ropes.

Here’s a hint: “Doctor’s Orders” means number nine, from a a British Army laxative. Don’t worry, most bingo terms aren’t that obscure – – nor that scatological!

No matter how you look at it the game is amazingly fun & entertaining. You will be hard pressed to go out & find a Bingo player who is not having a good time. That goes for when they are winning or losing. It is a wonderful way to socialize & you may even win a little something when everything is said & done. If you have never been you should come on out & give it a try.

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